Microsoft Bing Partners With AI Image Generator

Microsoft Bing Partners With AI Image Generator

In the upcoming weeks, Microsoft Bing will receive an AI image generator that will allow users to transform text into digital artwork.

For example, you’re writing a blog article about Maine Coons and you realize that a picture of one dressed as a CIA agent would be great.

You try looking for a free-to-use image online, but you can’t seem to find anything that fits your needs.

Microsoft Bing’s upcoming Image Creator feature will allow users to quickly and easily generate custom images based on user-supplied text.

How it works

DALL-E 2 picture generation technology, created by OpenAI, is the engine behind Image Creator.

Microsoft claims that its Image Creator tool can help users make images that don’t currently exist.

Simply provide a description of the kind of picture you want, and Image Creator will make it for you.

When it’s ready, Microsoft Edge users will be able to access Image Creator by clicking the “Image Creator” button in the sidebar or by going to the Bing Images tab.

Expected rollout

The release of Microsoft’s Image Creator will be “measured,” beginning with a small preview in specific regions. The novelty of the DALL-E 2 technology is what necessitates a measured rollout.

Microsoft claims that it is being cautious because it is dedicated to ethical AI.

DALL-E 2 is a very young technology that will likely undergo significant changes and improvements in the years to come. 

Together with their partner OpenAI, Microsoft is taking the necessary precautions and refining their methodology to ensure that DALL-E 2 never provides improper results within the Designer app or the Image Creator.

By restricting queries on sensitive themes and using filters to restrict the creation of images that violate Bing’s regulations, Image Creator aims to avoid abuse.

Following the restricted test, Microsoft will make necessary adjustments to Image Creator based on customer feedback before rolling it out publicly.

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